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What is HP3?

Put simply, we are a group of learners aimed towards redefining high performance of the mind, body, and spirit. 

What HP3 will accomplish:
We aim to continue structuring and nurturing a fellowship whose aim is to improve daily performance and competence in all of our "chosen" roles by developing a learning, accomplishment-oriented mind, a healthy body, and a virtuous spirit.



“Most people prefer a problem they can’t solve to a solution they don’t like” 

-Dr. Lee Thayer


HP3’s main purpose is to bring together groups of distinguished business executives and serve as the catalyst for cultivating the necessary thinking that Leadership requires. Leaving your status or title at the door, members must share the desire to learn, re-learn, and unlearn ways of thinking to create improved performance for other business leaders in their community.

Asking yourself, and others, thought provoking questions is the foundation to improve performance.

Fully Capacitating 

The leadership potential that is created by placing 12 - 15 business minds in the same room is enormous. Ask them the necessary questions, challenge their current mental models, and educate them on research­ proven nutritional and lifestyle habits that will optimize their cognitive capacity, and you unleash that existing potential. In regards to improving performance, the interdependence of the Mind and Body creates an environment that allows for improved thinking, which then enables better choices. With it, comes increased energy, performance potential, more restful sleep, and a calmness that accompanies the new meaning that you attach to “stress”.


The role of the member is to forever be in the “Learning Mode.” What enabled you to get where you are, currently, may be holding you back from becoming what you need to be. Each member will define and uphold themselves to their own "Performance Plan". The role of HP3’s facilitators is to continually challenge the members’ thinking, while keeping the most important measurements on the forefront. Whether limitations exist regarding financial growth, leading others, cause and purpose, or existing health paradigms, ­ HP3’s facilitators serve only to promote growth and foster continual self-learning in its members.

Their commitment is to create efficacious Organizational Leaders that exemplify the necessary traits: a learning, accomplishment-oriented mind, a healthy body, and a virtuous spirit.

HP3 Monthly Gatherings are aimed at stimulating thinking, framing issues, guiding de­centered perspective, and ensuring the necessary accountability by redefining and questioning meaning. Accountability drives action; Action drives growth, and there is no stasis.

If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

“Soon” is not a time, “Later” is not a plan, and “Hope” is not a method. Are you currently on a path of creating your own Destiny? How will you know if you are successful? What are you currently measuring to determine success or failure?

HP3 focuses on the necessary Thinking, that can take a Human Being and create a Human “Doing”


Jamie Holmes

(337) 962-2488


Jamie Holmes is a problem solver.  He was born and raised in the Acadiana area and currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana with his wife, Brandi, and their three children, Bella, Naomi and Whit.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He also received his MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management and recently graduated from The Thayer Institute with his MLAS (Master Leadership Arts and Sciences).

Currently, he is the Managing Partner for The Pelon Group, providing coaching to CEO’s and executives in the areas of leadership and organizational development throughout the United States.  Recently, his background and competencies have led to partnering with others to improve their hospital’s or organization’s vendor agreements through analysis and reconciliation, organizational restructuring, accounts receivable cleanup, successful implementation and utilization of EHR systems, workflow. and start-up ventures.

Before starting The Pelon Group, Jamie was the Chief Executive Officer for one of the most respected hospices in South Louisiana.  He joined Heart of Hospice and JTT Management providing executive oversight in 2011 as CEO and partner. His valuable insight and direction provided continued success and growth for JTT Management and Heart of Hospice until its sale in 2014.

Jamie was an active board member of the Mark Graham Foundation which helped serve military families in need from 2007 through 2012.  His healthcare leadership experience includes over twenty years of success, of which eleven years he functioned as Chief Operating Officer for a national healthcare diagnostic imaging company. 

As Chief Operating Officer and partner, Jamie Holmes managed operations for all entities most of which included 23 Healthcare Imaging Centers across the country, multiple billing companies, and numerous real estate holdings.  During his tenure, he helped create and develop all of the necessary corporate infrastructures for a growing organization which included department development like Human Resources, Managed Care Contracting, Corporate Compliance, and many others. Jamie guided the marketing initiatives, negotiated vendor agreements, and steered computer network design and information system implementation.  He was also responsible for establishing and co-designing the corporation's overall policies and procedures.  Finally, Mr. Holmes led the Executive team in some of its Mergers, Acquisitions, and all Start-Ups.

He is currently a business consultant, problem solver, organizational development advisor, executive coach, and an investor in multiple holdings.  He is co-creating an extension of his passion with Tyler LaFleur in the form of HP3 (high performance learning groups) while continuing to be mentored and challenged by Chris Comeaux and Dr. Lee Thayer.


Tyler LaFleur



Tyler LaFleur is the XO for Fleurish Health.  He was born, raised, and currently resides in Louisiana with his wife and daughter. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. He has been in the health and wellness coaching industry for 12 years and is in his third year of his MLAS at the Thayer Institute (Master of Leadership Arts and Sciences) where he is currently studying under the leadership expertise of Dr. Lee Thayer.

Prior to founding Fleurish Health, Tyler served as the Chief Compliance Officer and partner for a nationally accredited and privately owned laboratory; Chief Wellness Officer for a local innovative safety start up where he was responsible for the safe and effective exercise prescription, metabolic testing, and remote vital sign monitoring for all clients and laborers. He also applied his Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Neuromuscular, and Emergency Room nursing experience to developing health plans, heat stress index algorithms, and wellness protocols for all Maritime workforce customers. 



Chris Comeaux


Chris Comeaux (KO-mo) is an award-winning expert and lifelong student on leadership and the performance
required to truly be a leader. He has spent his life and career researching, learning, coaching, and implementing
the pushes and pulls necessary to create high performance leaders and high performance organizations. Chris’s
stated life purposes are twofold: 1) Through his work he helps shape and impact thousands of leaders in various
industries and impacts them to live to their full potential. 2) Through his work he helps transform the way the
future of healthcare is provided in the United States and later the world. Chris truly strives to live his life purpose every day in his various roles he plays.

Chris also has become nationally known as leader in our country’s hospice and palliative care industry, where he has spent a large portion of his career as President/CEO of Four Seasons in western North Carolina, a 2009 American Hospital Association Circle of Life Award Winner. Under his leadership, Four Seasons experienced phenomenal growth beginning in 2002: in four years, its census increased from 30 patients per day to over 1,000 per day. In 2005, the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care honored him with the Peter Keese Leadership Award.

In 2006, Chris left Four Seasons for two years to build an alliance between the prestigious national healthcare consulting firm, the Studer Group, and Covenant Hospice in Pensacola. The vision was to transform, develop,
and grow leaders throughout the hospice and palliative care world. Chris grew this venture from its infancy to an established coaching firm partnering with post-acute healthcare organizations from New York to California. He returned to Four Seasons in 2008 to apply what he learned in the trenches on leadership to an organization he knew and loved, and in many respects Four Seasons became, and still is, a learning laboratory for high performance- which is a journey and not a destination.

In 2016, Chris helped co-found Four Seasons Consulting Group (FSCG), a coaching and consulting company enabling health systems, palliative care programs, post-acute providers, and hospice programs to learn best practices and the systems necessary to produce those practices in their own organizations.

Chris’s hospice career began in 1997 at Covenant Hospice in Pensacola, Florida. Earlier in his career, he worked with KPMG Peat Marwick, a “Big Four” CPA consulting firm, and with Cooper Industries, a Fortune 100 Company, in its Executive Development Program. Chris has a Masters in Leadership from the Thayer Institute for Performance Virtuosity, where he still works as an adjunct Professor teaching Leadership. Chris is married to Deshia and they are the proud parents of 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) ranging in age from 17 to 7 years. Chris enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, reading, learning, and working on their 7 acre farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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