We are for unparalleled personal and professional growth.  Whether it be in multiple industry cross-sectional learning groups or within your own organization for your executive and leadership teams.  HP3 brings together distinguish business executives…

What will we accomplish: 

By customizing a personal and organizational solution to challenge your current way of thinking about things and doings things. (Add in front of: Structuring and nurturing…)

What do we do?

  • Custom coaching and delivery options to suit organizational/ employee needs 
  • Functional Medicine based Health Coaching
  • Daily nutritional and supplemental feedback directed toward mindful individual goals and needs
  • Weekly Leadership based exercises founded in specific reading and reflection
  • Organizational and productivity tools based on current software and processes
  • Provisional* Leadership Training based on current level of team capability and execution

***Why “Provisional”? When it comes to Leadership and Health, as with most things in life, there is no “recipe” for success. Leadership has more to do with performing the role that is necessary than it does with implementing a brand new system acquired from the latest seminar. Some executives need more coaching on communication, some need more guidance on leading themselves, others may need more time spent on structuring the vision for themselves and their department. Heeding our own advice, or "walking the talk”, we don’t necessarily believe in a rigid curriculum for learning. We believe in measuring the items that need the most change and that will provide the greatest “Return on Attention”. 

Organizational Benefits: 

  • Develop a healthier, learner-based, accomplishment-oriented culture

  • Produce effective work cultures that foster organizational growth and profitability.

  • Enhance executive leadership, commitment, and performance.

  • Reduce workplace injuries and absenteeism

  • Facilitate a reduction in health, benefits, and disability-related costs.

  • Discover and capitalize what drives the bottom line.

Employee Benefits:

  • Develop individual, effective eating patterns, and habits for optimal health and cognitive performance

  • Cultivate self-awareness, stress mastery, and self-efficiency 

  • Uncover the root cause of wellness roadblocks

  • Incorporate strategic lifestyle solutions that foster healing & balance

  • Utilize human data to become more mindful, focused, and productive in their jobs

Still, most importantly, in any endeavor, the only measure of performance is PERFORMANCE.

We base our Performance Making on 4 Crucibles: 

  1. Functional Health and Performance

  2. Self Mastery

  3. Followership

  4. Communication/Relationships


HP3 Offerings

1) Executive Intensive (3 Months)

  1. Weekly Leadership Exercises (Email & Software)

  2. 3 Monthly On-Site Workshops (1 full day per month)

  3. Individualized Daily Health coaching

  4. In-depth leadership and health assessment

  5. Discounts to Functional Laboratory Testing

offer 3.PNG

2) Executive Intensive (12 Months)

  1. Individually designed based on your needs from our initial assessment
  2. Weekly Leadership Exercises (Email & Software)
  3. Quarterly or Monthly On-Site workshops
  4. Individualized Daily Health coaching
  5. Cardiovascular Panel
  6. In-depth leadership and health assessment
  7. Webinars/Google Hangout calls with individuals 

Testimonials & Results 

“I feel like we are off to a great start. This past 30 day has been a real eye-opener for me. For so many years I wasn’t fueling my body appropriately and never really could grasp a structured workout plan. I feel like this first month I have learned so much from you. I am starting to understand how my body works and pushing it to new limits. I am excited to be eating a clean diet now and feel so much better since I started your exercise plan. I also lost 7 lbs! I think that is pretty good for the first 30 days. I know this is the healthy way to lose weight, slow and steady.”
— HP3 Member

Blood Markers:

Dropped cholesterol: 66 points

Increased HDL: 14 points

Decreased LDL: 64 points

Decreased glucose: 100 to 87

Decreased triglycerides: 86 points (145 to 59)

“You know something else I’ve noticed (and even my assistant has noticed)? Since I’ve changed my eating, my focus and concentration are better at the office. I’m not so ADHD; I banged out 2 huge psych evaluation reports in two days last week and that’s like a new record. I can start and finish a task much better. I don’t know if it’s my blood sugar is more stable or what but I’ll take it!”
— HP3 Member

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